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New Restaurant Insights by Chope and Prof. Sherri Kimes

A study by Chope and Prof. Sherri Kimes on how restaurants in Singapore are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and specific mitigating strategies.

This white paper aims to document the experiences and sentiment of F&B operators in Singapore on the impact of Covid-19 on their business. The paper will cover key risks and some recommendations for businesses on handling situations, as well as provide specific advice on how to look ahead.

As one of the earliest markets hit by the Covid-19 virus (the city first escalated precautionary measures on 7 February 2020 when it entered “Dorscon Orange”), the restaurant industry experience in Singapore can also be used as a case study for the rest of the world.

While the paper studies events specific to Covid-19 in Singapore, the findings are also applicable to the foodservice industry in other cities affected globally, as well as to future general economic downturns.

The paper is co-authored by The Chope Group and Professor Sherri Kimes, Emeritus Professor of Operations Management at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and a visiting Professor of Analytics and Operations at the Business School at the National University of Singapore. It is supported by extensive data provided by Chope, the largest dining technology platform across Asia, who provided aggregated data across 5,000 restaurant partners and 19 million users.

In early March 2020, a survey was conducted on restaurant operators to further delve into related topics. Even as the situation continues to evolve, these recommendations will continue to equip restaurants towards recovery.

Please download the report by clicking here

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